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2 yr old and 4 yr old daughters dance milonga

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NEW Tango Classes in July at Techniques in Motion

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feature_04Wednesdays 6:30 to 7:30 everyone welcome. Learn this dance for the passionate that focuses on connectivity. Fun guaranteed:)

Techniques in Motion TANGO

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it takes 2sdays 2 tango 2 nite

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Techniques in Motion.  Monkey Junction 7:45. Fun, casual, professional instruction

lápiz tango argentino

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Personalized Tango

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personalized Argentine Tango lessons from Kent—he’s amazing & you will find that training with someone that LOVES what they do, makes all of the difference! Melissa H
Argentine Tango tonight at Techniques in Motion School of Dance 7 pm Fridays–everyone welcome and Saturdays at Carolina Beach Recreation Center at 11

Take Me to Church ballet dancer

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It takes 2 or in this case 3 to tango

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From today’s First CB Rec class

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Thank you. I have not had so much fun in ages. See you next Saturday. Thank you for a really enjoyable experience. Elaine

Carolina Beach Recreation Tango

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