Let The Passion Of Argentine Tango Fuel Your Soul...

Learn To Tango


I started dancing ballroom at 48 years old, and took up Tango after I had a private lesson with professional Tango instructor and choreographer Carolina Zokalski. She inspired me when she said I would be an excellent dancer because I could improvise. I had custody of my daughter Shannon by myself for several years, and when she left home,  I was all alone and depressed, so I threw myself into Tango for some therapeutic stress relief. Worked for me!

The first class I taught was Valentine’s Day 2002 at the Wilmington Athletic Club. Charlie, the manager, had seen me teach women from the front desk after classes and rather than being upset for taking them away from their work, he asked me to teach! I’ve taught Waltz, Fox-Trot, Viennese Waltz, Argentine Tango and am now teaching Salsa on 2!

From that first class, I learned how much fun people could haveand noticed when they left class, they felt a little bit better about themselves as individuals and as couples. And hopefully, like my student, Heike, said in her testimonial about her and her husband’s experience, a spark could be rekindled between them. After all, as Carolina also taught me, Tango is a dance of connection not steps.

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